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Most Of Us Love A Conspiracy Theory - Quite Entertaining I'd Say



Conspiracy Theory -  Many people love a good conspiracy concept now and again, and it is best when they simply can't be disproven using the facts available. It gets us believe, wanting to set the clues together, why do we enjoy these so much, nicely, perhaps for the exact same reason folks like detective pictures or secret novels. Life is replete with doubt, yet, it's the nature of issues and what makes the life-experience so intriguing. Let's speak shall we?


 Conspiracy -  But obviously, my conspiracy theory connoisseur did not want to give up those crazy predictions really readily and said;


"Name one 'dramatic conspiracy concept' that was mentioned, and DEBUNK it, or shut the hell up."


Well, what I believe is amusing is that these listings appear every year and when that period of time passes they extend the date a few more years, now we are up to maybe not 2013 but 2013-2015. And again in 2015 the globe will still be here and perhaps not much will have changed, a little more sound and fury for the mindless masses I guess, something to sell books, papers and feed the late-night talk show crowd. Hey I am all for it, as a Sci-Fi writer, I say take it on. However, you know - Reality has its position too right?


I asked my acquaintance if he had like to debate these conspiracies each separately, and I informed him "I am game - studied up and understand the value in plausible deniability - enjoyable things," and then I joked; "you know Chimpanzees and people can interbreed appropriate - same species - it is just that some of us higher-order peoples do not fall for the aged banana trickery."


Since you can see we were prepared to get into an action packed dialogue on the latest and finest conspiracies. What's it about the human mind that induces us to seek to locate an understanding of our environment, to strive to make perception of our world, to store doubt or eliminate questions of stuff which seem to defy logic? Please contemplate all this and think about it.

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